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Quill Digital is an AI driven platform that enables actionable information to rapidly be
extracted from almost any type of document.

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Talk to the team

Quill Digital for RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) integrates seamlessly with Quill Digital, which extracts
and presents data in a format that RPA Bots can easily read and action. This removes the need to train RPA bots to handle interaction with OCR tools which can be complex and difficult to manage when dealing with large volumes of documents that can vary from each other.

Quill Digital for Contracts

A study by the International Association for Contracts and Commercial Management showed
that good contract management could improve profitability in organisations by the equivalent of 9% of annual revenue. Understanding and managing contracts that incur a recurring cost can provide a rapid and high value return on investment. Quill Digital for contracts analyses, extracts and notifies key information from large volumes of contracts.

Notification of contract renewals with key information such as impending renewal dates,
value and a summary of relevant contract clauses helps to make sure that savings can be
made where and when available.

We can process thousands of individual pieces of data across multiple systems on a daily basis.

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