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Quill Digital. Your Documents. Digitised.

For Developers and Business Users

The above video demonstrates the use of Quill Digital to digitise Audio and Scanned documents, extract fields such as Dates, translate to a different language and use the NLP feature to look for Name Entities.

The application is also available to developers to customise, and to demontrate the use of our API.

Quill Digital can be used in our own environment, or we can deploy it to your own I.T. estate.

Quill Digital is aready a trusted platform for professionals like you.

What does Quill do?

Optical Character Recognition
Quill will take scanned documents or pictures of documents, and convert them to text.

Speech to Text
Quill will take audio files and convert them to text.

Field Extraction
Once text has been identified, Quill uses a powerful field extraction algorithm to search for pre-defined fields that the user specifies.

Identified text can then be translated to different languages.

Clause Finding
Pre-defined clauses can be searched for inside any text that quill has digitised.

NLP Tokenisation
Natural Language Processing
Text that Quill has digitised can be tokenised and marked up to identify name entities and much more.

Application Programming Interface
All the features that Quill has to offer can be access via an API that is easy and intuitive to use.

Easy to use UI
User Interface
Quill can also be accessed via a User Interface that can be downloaded for free. The UI itself can also be customised by cloning our public GitHub code.

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