Your Documents. Digitised.


Intuitive. Smart. Accurate.

No need to change

We designed this software to work in conjunction with any document format. No need to change the way you do business. Run the software against an existing document for fast digitisation and data extraction. 

Simple and easy to use, with no need to change the way you work.

Document Digitisation

Convert the document to text, and house the digitised text in a repository of your choosing. The software can read native text or a range of file types and pictures. And can even digitise handwriting and translate the document to different languages. 

Easy to install and configure. We are also there for you if you need specific customisation.


Easy to implement and scalable for one user or an organisation wide deployment.

The software can be run either through a User Interface with one document, or queue up thousands.

It is also designed to be run in conjunction with RPA software like UiPath.

Our Quill Software seeks to answer the old question in today's digital age- how do we digitise and extract data from a lengthy or scanned document?

Using a unique industry specific OCR routine, and a Machine Learning model combined with Natural Language Processing we are able to digitise most scanned documents, and give you the power to decide what you would like to extract from them.

With optional Machine Translation to other languages, it is the perfect office companion.

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